We maintain a high level of service through a select variety of reliable carriers.

Our objective is to provide you with competitive rates as well as the most effective service to assist you in meeting the best landed price. We have facilities to arrange truck, air, ocean and courier shipments to, from and within Canada. We can also offer such additional services as warehousing, distribution and post audit of all customs entries. We communicate with the shippers and the carriers to guarantee all necessary paperwork is correct before the shipment clears as well as providing the necessary expertise to ensure such areas as NAFTA provisions, Tariff codes, and previous Customs Rulings have been applied.

We at Northland Logistics offer a complete group of services including:

  • Quality, accuracy & consistency in classification of products
  • Tariff review to ensure all possible reductions such as Remissions, File Rulings, and Statutory Provisions are utilized
  • PARS & INPARS clearances for truck freight
  • Tracking and tracing capabilities
  • Total shipment logistics
  • Competitive prices
  • For NRI customers, we can keep record in Canada up to 6 years
  • Canadian and U.S. customs clearance
  • Transportation to and from Canada, U.S.A. & Overseas
  • Provide export freight and customs clearance in other countries
  • Provide assistance with NAFTA Certificates of Origin
  • Provide warehousing facilities
  • Provide Distribution of goods throughout Canada, US & Overseas
  • Informed of tariff updates and regulatory changes that affect your industry
  • Appeals/Refunds/Duty Drawbacks/Inward Processing Remission Orders
  • EDI communications & information
  • Toll free number to our Office in Canada
  • Provide Insurance on your import or export shipments, if required
  • A commitment from our staff to complete and succeed to the best of their capability, efficient and expedient service

We Deliver!

We are confident of the quality of service we provide to ensure your merchandise is picked up, moved, cleared and delivered on time. Thank you for taking the time to review our services and we look forward to the prospect of being “at your service” in the future. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact any member of our qualified staff who will be more than happy to assist you.